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Say you want to achieve a neat Reviews ‘component’, with some feedback. See the relevant section at the home page of this sample website. Just use the following markup:

title: Page title
{{< brick_reviews >}}

## What Users Are Saying About Hugobricks

Don't just take our word for it - hear from some of our satisfied users! Check out some of our testimonials below to see what others are saying about Hugobricks.

{{< /brick_reviews >}}

Note that the reviews are stored in the reviews.yaml file in the data directory. This file looks like this:

- name: Gitio Hamano
  function: Source Code version controller
  image: /uploads/photos/avatars/1.jpeg
  description: Rings of Uranus hearts of the stars corpus.
- name: Rasmus Phorfp
  function: All Stacks developer 
  image: /uploads/photos/avatars/2.jpeg
  description: Finite but unbounded astonishment two ghostly. 

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